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cleanpad300.jpg BALL CLEANING PADS $3.50


Our cleaning pad is a non abrasive pad that cleans oil, grease and more inportantly it cleans belt marks off your ball with ease. When using our ball cleaning pad combined with SteelFingers new ORANGE POWER SPRAY AND WIPE BALL CLEANER your ball can be as clean as new in a very short time with out the use of a ball spinner.

Try Our Cleaning Pads with your Favorite Brand of Ball Cleaner.

Convient to carry in your bowling bag with your other accessories.

cleanbottle-05-18-06-80.jpg ORANGE POWER SPRAY AND WIPE BALL CLEANER $6.95

Orange Power Spray and Wipe Ball Cleaner is a ball cleaner is environment friendly. It does not contain any harsh chemicals or petroleum products. It is made entirly out of things that grow in the ground.

Orange Power is a great degreaser and will clean oils, grease, grime and those nasty belt marks and leave your ball looking like new.

For the best cleaning results use Orange Power Spray and Wipe all Cleaner with a SteelFingers Cleaning Pad.

ORANGE POWER is bottled in a 4 ounce Aluminum spray bottle that is reusable and recyclable.

4 fluid ounces.

sftowel.jpg STEELFINGERS BOWLING TOWELS $12.95$9.95

Keep everything dry.
Large Terry Velour Towels - 16 x 26 inches - Hemmed/Plush Velour.
Has a metal hang widget for hanging on belt loop or attaching to bowling bag. They never accidentally slip away with the hang widget.

seesaw1-200.jpg SUPER ROLL-A-SHINE $9.99$8.49

Super Roll-A-shine is a very large ball buffing and cleaning see-saw. It is good for cleaning and shinning the ball, carrying the ball and storing the ball.

This see-saw is the largest I have seen.

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