Fingers sore or swollen?

SteelFingers is the one support designed to relieve finger pain, soreness, and swelling. With this small aid, you can bowl stronger with less physical stress and strain. SteelFingers also helps improve your scores by helping you acheive a more consistent release, provides more lift and increased roll.

Pain beyond the fingers?

SteelFingers Plus gives support to the fingers, hand, and wrist. Even bowlers who tendonists, arthritis, and other similar aliments, even carpal tunel, have found SteelFingers Plus to be the one wrist support that allows them to bowl pain-free. You can bowl better and bowl longer with SteelFingers Plus. You'll also add extra revs to your shot. This is accomplished by making the wrist, the hand, and most important the fingers a strong unit for delivering the bowling ball without stress to the fingers, hand, wrist, or your forearm. Use a wrist support that makes you feel better and


When you remove the wrist support from the package the straps will be in the positions that the device is meant to be worn. Your fingers should slide into the loops made with the finger straps, with the middle knuckle fitting in the finger bend, now just tighten the straps on the fingers. The palm strap should now be looped around the palm and secured. The first wrist strap needs to be worn as close to the heel of the hand as possible, this is to support the wrist joint. This will also firm up the hand from the back knuckle to the wrist. The rear wrist strap is optional, to be used if more wrist firming is needed. Remeber this is a device that will work for you, but all of straps need to be worn very snug. Remember to loosen the finger straps every so often to prevent swelling of the finger tips. I hope this helps you in wearing your STEELFINGERS PLUS WRIST SUPPORT. If you need further assistance, call 1-903-989-2441 for technical help.


The two drawings above represents a SteelFingers Plus Wrist Support with the straps in the positions for wearing the wrist support. Please refer to these drawings if strap or straps are detached and you have doubt on where the straps need to be placed to wear your STEELFINGERS PLUS.

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